Wednesday 26th October, 9th, 16th and 30th November and 14th December 2011

Sessions will be held at 20.30 am at the bar El Gravat (Sant Miquel, 19 Vic)

Café Central-Bar El Gravat-ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

Since the first season of Pas a dos in 1998, these public and open discussions with writers have offered a view of a very wide range of literary creation. This year, 2011, we have widened the spectrum to include creation in various disciplines.

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Courses offered:

EL D_EFECTE BARROC (The Baroque [D]effect) +info
A course by Jorge Luis Marzo

The seminar will take as its starting point the exhibition commissioned from Jorge Luís Marzo and Teresa Badia, "El D_Efecte Barroc, politics of the Hispanic image", produced by and exhibited at the CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, from November 2010 through to February 2011. Using the documentary archive prepared for the exhibition, the seminar will attempt an analysis of Hispanicity as a common and homogeneous frame between Spain and Latin America. The "baroque" narrative will be proposed as a sample of the politico-cultural strategies which have helped to bring about over the course of time an official homogenising narrative, the Hispanic myth, and of artists' responsibility in the myth's durability. The seminar will offer investigative tools to allow for the enhancement of discursive lines by means of constant contribution of points of view and parallel experiences.

acvicConference and debate

12.05.2011 at 18.00h
Related activity to QUAM2011

Daniel Lerch Urban planner, USA. www.postcarboncities.net
Lluís Sabadell Artiga Artist and curator, Post-Oil Cities, ES. www.postoilcities.org

Place: ACVic. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies | C. Sant Francesc, 1 Vic

Almost all activities in our society are, directly or indirectly, oil dependent. OIL is not only used to generate energy - we use it mainly in transport, but it is also used in food production (fertilisers, pesticides...), clothing, dyes, plastics, varnishes, hygiene products, etc.. In less than a century, oil has modelled cities and society as we know them today, with all their progress and growth, but also their want and especially the consequences arising from these, such as overexploitation of the planet, pollution and climate change.

amor Toni Ferron organises a season on the theme of love, including a group exhibition, a performance, a concert at El Gravat, a film viewing at the Cineclub , performances at the Institut de Teatre and an afternoon of project presentations. ACVic organises this presentation [filtering love through the perceptions of Félix Pérez-Hita (love in the digital age), Jorge Lara (audio performance), Kiko Amat (love and records, and records of love) and Adiccionesporquesí (prepositions and erotic stories.) This activity is on 07/05/2011 from 17:00 pm. The complete programmme is below.

Love exists in a thousand ways. Ovid, Ars Amatoria.

ACVic. Desde los márgenesA project presentation and debate about Art Centres that are developing activities in a rural contexts in Catalonia.
Participants: Cal Gras, Campo Adentro, Centre d'Art i Natura, CACIS Forn de Calç, Idensitat, Nau Coclea, Priorat Centre d'Art .

Activity organized by ACVic-SBG* as a result of the research Prismes by Marta Ricart.

08.04.2011 at 19.00 h
Place: ACVIC. C. Sant Francesc, 1 08500 Vic

from first avantgardes to contemporary art


Wednesday 6,30 - 8pm and 8,15 - 9,45pm
Course starting 26th January  10 sessions
Price 30€
This course takes part of the winter's program 2011 of CCVic Centre Cívics, Ajuntament de Vic.

Workshop "Strategies for territorial work". This workshop connects the cultural project  TRANSDUCERS in Vic with several networks and local initiatives, becoming an space of collaborative and participative learning. The workshop is a tool to generate projects in Vic and also other towns, and therefore has  a double objective: