bMartí Sales 01 MGiner 1200x800 BRPresentation of the publicacion by Martí Sales
Conversing with Maria Bohigas

Tuesday 20th April at 7 pm
Outside ACVIC (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

Activitat linked by 10è Anniversary of ACVIC

ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, Foster & Wallace Bookshop, and Club Editor
invite you to the presentation of the book Aliment (Food) (Club Editor, 2021), by Martí Sales, with the publisher Maria Bohigas and the author.

Telling stories and eating: the two oldest pleasures in the world, in addition to the other pleasure that we share with the beasts. Or maybe the beasts also tell stories? The twenty-seven stories in Food are full of questions. And Martí Sales does not live in Paradise but, like Eve, he bites the apple out of curiosity and hunger. And neither is he Scheherazade, but he could spend three years telling stories to a caliph for the sheer pleasure of telling them. His book is the alphabet of a voluptuary, born of the emptiness that anticipates desire – the desire which makes us salivate over a French omelette.

“Between love and cooking, between reading and incendiary friendships, I brought my discoveries down to earth in dictionary entries of all kinds and lengths, and so Aliment was written gradually, simmering and developing its socarraet while our house was filled with the ancestral smell of baked bread. If, as Boethius said, the future is an invention of lovers, so is this dictionary. ”

Martí Sales, 1979. Born in Carrer de l’Or (Gold Street) in Barcelona, the year before the first Aplec del Cargol was held in Lleida, Martí Sales was raised on crackers. As a child, he was not at all interested in food, and his parents pulled out all the stops so that he would not grow any thinner. At the age of eight, his favorite dish was lamb with rice. As he grew up, he gradually fell in love with aubergines, artichokes and capipota, oxtail, anchovies and mole. He has planted calçots, a variety of spring onion. He has had the opportunity to eat woodcock twice. The only two foods he cannot stomach are liver and oysters - for now.

This is his sixth book after La cremallera (2016), Principi d’incertesa (2015), Ara és el moment (2011), Dies feliços a la presó (2008) and Huckleberry Finn (2006).

Photography: Martí Sales amb el canti. Foto: Mariona Giner