post 02With Quim Crusellas

Thursday, October 22nd
At 6 p.m.
At Vicjove (Carrer del Bisbe Morgades, 15. Vic)

Civicus2020 tria br 13As in previous years, this summer ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies once again collaborated with Civicus, a youth summer camp in Vic organised by VicJove.

This year, more than fifty young people from Civicus, over the course of two weeks, tackled the theme of SOCIAL AND RESPONSIBLE ART, organised by VicJove, the departments of Environment, Cooperation and Participation in Vic City Council, ACVIC and the Red Cross, together making use of the arts to draw critical attention to environmental pollution, and to call for public responsibility.

> accés al vídeo del projecte

teen lab brA website with artistic projects for teens

This website has been conceived as a flexible platform to which content geared towards teenagers will be uploaded.
Each week you will find new free-to-use participatory digital projects in each of the following sections.

From time to time, TEEN LAB will also offer workshops from artists, performers, DJs. Would you like to know more about these projects?

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