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ACVic's workshop space is equipped with small power tools and conventional tools, workbenches and other useful materials for processing, repairing and creating new objects out of disused materials, or extending an object's useful life, so generating less waste.

In preparing this space, ACVic has had the support of the Diputació de Barcelona as part of its programme of environmental education activities which the Vic Town Council has organised for over 15 years.

You can request the Workshop space ACVic sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling to 93 885 37 04.



To establish a definitive workshop space equipped with materials and tools in order to carry out experimentation and repairs, to create new objects, and to awaken creativity
To reduce the level of waste which ends up in landfills
To give objects a longer life
To create new objects from discarded material
To awake creativity
To promote entrepreneurship

Target groups:
The workshop space is open to individuals and groups throughout the region. Please contact ACVic's Centre d'Art in the first instance to request space or to organise a course together with ACVic personnel.

capsules brShort audio-visual capsules

This extraordinary time is an almost compulsory invitation to thought and reflection. It is a parenthesis in everyday life, a mechanism which these days lets us look at things from a new perspective, almost certainly from a distance, questioning its importance. What is working? What is not working? What would we like to change? What role does each of us play in the current educational system, whether official, non-formal or unofficial?
What does art bring to school? What does the Art i Escola project let us do?

Desplegable edu2018 brActivities for children, youth, schools and families!

Minispace, Family Workshops, guided visits, pedagogical suitcases, programs for schools...

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Civicus 2017 2n grup 01 brACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies and Vic Jove join again in this summer's Cívicus Workshop.

During the month of July 2017, two groups of 20 young people between the ages of 12 and 16 will collaborate in the construction of furniture in the area of the Vic Street Workout Park.

EspaiTaller SalarichACVic's workshop space is equipped with small power tools and conventional tools, workbenches and other useful materials. It is aimed at county schools, educational professionals and other local associations, who may use the workshop with the help of ACVic's team of assessors. [+ INFO about the space]

During February and March 2017, pupils from the Fifth Year at Vic's Doctor Joaquim Salarich Primary School came to the workshop.

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ACVic's workshop space is equipped with small power tools and conventional tools, workbenches and other useful materials for processing, repairing and creating new objects out of disused materials, or extending an object's useful life, so generating less waste.

In preparing this space, ACVic has had the support of the Diputació de Barcelona as part of its programme of environmental education activities which the Vic Town Council has organised for over 15 years.

You can request the Workshop space ACVic sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling to 93 885 37 04.

porositats trobada acvic 2016Local projects which bring together art and pedagogy in the local context.

During 2016, ACVic has managed and coordinated the Laboratori POROSITATS, supported by the Programa d’Arts Visuals de la Diputació de Barcelona and developed in collaboration with the Ajuntament de Terrassa, the Ajuntament de Granollers and the Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat.

difu civicus 2016ACVic has opened up a new workshop space available to the public, designed so that county schools, professional and educational organisations may use the workshop, under the advisement of the ACVic team. [+ INFO]

From the 18th to the 22nd of July, ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies collaborated with the municipal summer schools and CIVICUS Vic to create furniture and signposts for the green belt.


digues la teva ae seleccio 06Part of the project ART I ESCOLA 05
4th year pupils from Les Margues de Calldetenes Secondary School

Bringing together the programmes Art i escola i Digues la teva, this year's proposal consists of shooting short films based upon Edward Hopper's artistic works.

Reflections on the subject of the void, based on a consideration of Hopper's works, form the inspiration for the construction of these narratives. Loneliness, isolation, death, anger are among the themes dealt with from a teenager's point of view, fleshed out in the plotlines of the completed films.

perfils grup1 2014 15ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, during the 2014-2015 school year, worked in collaboration with PROFILES, an educational project by Mancomunitat La Plana.

Focusing on intercultural understanding and cultural diversity promoted through the Coexistence Plan (Pla de convivencia) of the Mancomunitat La Plana (La Plana Commonwealth), with the support of the Diputació de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Visual expression workshop

Production of a documentary using video, photography and graphics, we will speak with images.

We will learn the different phases of documentary production, as well as how to use image editing programmes and video Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11.

Using art as a tool for communication and cohesion, expression and social protest.
How will we face the future? What do we like and dislike in our environment?

[download postal]

Workshop done by Tanit Plana and Abao a qu
Pupils of the Andersen School

30.04.2013 - 07.05.2013

ACVic Centre d’arts Contemporànies collaborated on the Fotografia en curs, a proposal from the collective A bao a qu, bringing together the Andersen school [http://www.escolaandersen.com in Vic and artist Tanit Plana. The Andersen project consisted of a workshop with the students of the school.

A Bao A Qu [http://www.abaoaqu.cat] is a nonprofit cultural association dedicated to conceiving and developing projects which bring together education and artistic creation. Founded in 2004, since its beginning it has introduced creation in schools and colleges by professionals in the field of art and culture.

During this school year A Bao A Qu conducted Fotografia en curso [http://www.fotografiaencurs.org], a programme of workshops in schools:

Fotografia en curs is an ongoing programme of education and the dissemination of photographic creation which began in 2012.

The project saw four major areas of development: Workshops in schools through training teachers, with the occasional participation of photographers; activities and workshops in museums, arts centres, archives and cultural facilities; training for teachers; and Web.

This project was related with Art i Escola 02 [http://artiescola.cat], a project in which the Andersen school participated.

The participants, 103 pupils of the 5th and 6th year primary school school, devised a project for Art i Escola, a discussion about TIME in relation to the school's history, based upon photographic work.

As part of Educational Interferences, in a search for new audiences and new ways to socialise contemporary art, comes MAPS. A cultural and leisure activity presented and offered free of charge to institutions of Assistance and Social Services working with people with learning difficulties, the disabled, and people at risk of social exclusion, as well as to institutions dealing with cultural diversity issues. MAPS joins contemporary art and audio visual education, providing production environments which are open to experimentation. Understanding artistic practices as practices affecting, interacting and transforming social space.

The proposal consists in complementing, by means of a meaningful and enjoyable group experience, audiovisual training with the world of cartography. Learning and exploring our surroundings, to learn how to find our way in the countryside, to enhance the relationship and communication between participants, are among the objectives pursued within this project, designed by Toni Cirera.

The specialists at ACVic's educational service , in collaboration with the professional staff of the participating institutions, will adapt the educational proposal to the needs and profiles of individual participants. Starting with an initial structure lasting 9 hours, divided into 3 sessions.

The project is ongoing, and free of charge. To request more information or to book activities phone 93 885 37 04 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following centres have participated in activities:

October 2011: 2 groups of 6 and 7 participants Riudeperes Residence, Sant Tomàs, PARMO.

March and April 2012: 2 groups 7 and 9 participants Occupational Center, Sant Tomàs, PARMO.

April 2012: 2 groups of 5 and 7 participants in the Club Social el Pedrís from Fundació Centre Mèdic i Psicopedagògic d’Osona.

November / December 2012: The project was adapted to the city of Ripoll, where 13 pupils from 5th year at the Escola Tomàs Raguer and 8 pupils from the Escola d’Educació Especial Ramon Surinyach de Ripoll.

During the months of October, November and December 2012, MAPS came to the town of Ripoll.
Working jointly with 13 5th year pupils of from the Escola Tomàs Raguer and 8 pupils from the Escola d’Educació Especial Ramon Surinyach, 21 pupils in all, although it is intended to repeat the activity with other pupils from the two schools.

During the month of April 2012 MAPS project worked with the Club Social El Pedrís, a service of Fundació Centre Mèdic i Psicopedagògic d’Osona.

2 workshops with different groups, one of 5 participants and one of 7. Many participants lived in or knew Vic, which made it possible to work on a route in a more personal way, and to focus upon preparing the photographs.

During the months of March and April 2012 the MAPS project was carried out with two groups of Centre Ocupacional de Sant Tomàs (PARMO).

They worked in 2 groups, the first of 7 participants and the second of 9. The activity lasted for 6 hours (group 1: 2 sessions of 3 hours. / Group 2: 3 sessions of 2 hours.)

Members of the Centre Riudeperes, SANT TOMÀS, PARMO

Marta Broncano, Carmen Brito, Rafael Fernández, Arturo Valera, Jordi Codina,  Marc Guitart, Artur Soler, Dolors Soler, Trini Valverde,
David Soto, Montse Aumatell i José Ruíz

ATE: Lia Massuet and Marina Fantova
Volunteers: Imma Usero, Núria Viñolas i Maite Borralleras

An educational project, is an activity linked to the programme Interferències [IP] from ACVIC in association with the Centre Riudeperes

The maps and the photographs of the working process at Centre Riudeperes are on exhibition at ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

18th, 19th and 20th October 2011
On the first day, at the Centre Riudeperes, we introduced ourselves and the activity. The participants made their first contact with the map, discovering the streets on the route to be walked the next day. We showed how to use the cameras and we took some pictures to practice.
On the second day, the participants moved to ACVIC from which point we started the tour of the historic centre of Vic. Following the map, they
discovered  the seven locations where, taking turns, each participant took a photo of the group. On the third day, at  the Centre Riudeperes, we recalled the previous day's route, and we pasted a copy of the photos on each of the locations on the map.

*The Centre Riudeperes provides both a service and a residential establishment which forms  part of the Institut Català d'Assistència i
Serveis Socials (ICASS) from the Departament d'Acció Social i Ciutadania de la Generalitat de Catalunya, managed and administered by Associació
de Sant Tomàs - PARMO.

Centre Riudeperes operates  two services:  residential  and day care, both for people with mental handicaps requiring extensive support, and
for people who may present additional health and / or mental health problems.

A project by Toni Cirera with the collaboration of Maite Palomo.

Entrevista Perfils 2016 brA new edition of the project, “Profiles, approaching the fact of emigration” at secondary schools in Taradell and Tona.

In this year's “Profiles, coming closer to the fact of emigration” project, 132 third year pupils from secondary schools in Taradell and Tona, and 23 people, from 18 different countries (Uruguay, Honduras, Morocco, Columbia, Portugal, the UK, the Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Peru, Ecuador, Spain [Múrcia], the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, India and Argentina), presently living in the county of Osona, mostly in Tona and Taradell, have participated.

ACVic_ Jordi Canudas

On The Doorstep_ and The Builders (Al Portal de Casa_ Els Construcotrs_) is a project directed by Jordi Canudas for cross-collaboration among students of Escola La Sínia at the Remei district of the city of Vic, students of Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic and ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, and with support from Pla de Barris i Participació Ciutadana de l’Ajuntament de Vic and Generalitat de Catalunya. Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts.

ON THE DOORSTEP_and the builders is a two-pronged project which, starting with contemporary artistic practices, proposes a dialogue with the current social reality at Barri del Remei in Vic. A site-specific project, working in the context of the neighbourhood, once an important part of the transformation plan promoted by Pla de Barris has been completed.  Through this project two distant moments of neighbourhood life, the sixties and the present day, are connected. A relationship formed through the personal experience of Jordi Canudas, as someone who has lived his childhood and adolescence in the neighbourhood, and who in recent years has been attentive to changes with regard to both the physical and social contexts. The project goes from particular to general: his family experience in relation to the house where he lived for years, to the knowledge and exchange with the family or people who live in the house now. From personal experience of the child he was, to the knowledge and the collective construction with the children who now live, play and attend school there. From the house and its inhabitants to the neighbourhood and its neighbours.

This project arises from an initiative to start collaborative projects among different institutions based on the idea of crossing art-education and TERRITORY*. ACVIC takes an active interest in its programming in the relationship between arts projects and schools. The project weaves Jordi Canudas's experience  in the district (territory), the involvement of teachers and students from elementary school and art school (education) with elements of planning, representation and articulation of contents (art).
This is a project in progress, started in February 2011 and expected to be completed in November 2011. Between February and June, activities will be carried out with students and teachers of the Escola la Sínia, and students of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic. In mid-June the project will be presented at  ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies.

Jordi Canudas
is a Visual artist and professor of Visual Arts at the Departament d’Arts Visuals de l’Escola Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny-UAB

UVic - ACVic Correspondències

CORRESPONDENCE is an art project consisting of a postal communication between UVic students and students from different schools. The central theme is the journey: the experience of space in time. The project will start with the correspondences sended by the students of the subject Didàctica Artística I of the Educational Faculty of the Universitat de Vic , transferred to and developed by the pupils of diferent schools.

The aim of CORRESPONDENCES is to set in motion a sequence of experiences regarding the environment and its visual representation, to open a channel of communication between students of different educational institutions participating in the project, and to promote ways of looking at, interpreting and representing our immediate environment.

The project, led by Montsita Rierola and Laia Solé, originates with Didàctica Artística I studies at Facultat d’Educació de la UVic, with the collaboration of ACVic and the participation of the schools:
- Escola Joan XXIII, Els Hostalets de Balenyà
- Escola Les Pinediques, Taradell
- Col·legi Sant Miquel dels Sants, Vic
- Escola Vic Centre, Vic
- La Farinera Centre d’Arts Visuals, Vic

The project runs from February to May. The results is exhibited at ACVic from 18.05.2011 to 17.07.2011

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First activities of the programme Pedagogical Intersections
A first project of the programme, a collaboration with UVic, has started as a part of the Artistic Didactic I class and with the participation of lecturers Montsita Rierola and Laia Solé. Two artistic projects have been proposed: Criss-crossing by Jordi Lafon,during October and November of 2010 and a second project, Correspondences, during the course 2010/2011. Both activities work through the concept of itinerary and experience of the immediate environment according to two curriculum subjects in primary school; Discovering the environment, and Communication and languages. ACVic supports this proposal, and a part of the collaboration consists of carrying out the activity on the premises of Acvic centre. The other part of the collaboration consists of deploying complementary mechanisms to generate new forms of connection among students, artistic practice and the reality of our environment.

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