foto protesta ferron webPROTESTA FESTIVAL 2018

Performance by Hilo Mental (Félix Pérez-Hita and Arturo Bastón)
and a screening of short films: Welcome to Europe (15 mins) and La mujer invisible (15 mins)

7.00 pm ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

Activity included in the Festival Protesta 2018 

As part of the Festival Protesta / Festival internacional de cine de crítica social from 19th to 28th of October 2018 in Vic, ACVic will host a performance by Hilo Mental, a reflection upon audiovisual excess, and a screening of the short films WELCOME TO EUROPE (15 mins) and LA MUJER INVISIBLE (15 mins)


Fèlix Pérez-Hita
He is currently co-directing a number of editions of Soy Cámara with Andrés Hispano, with whom he has also directed Baixa Fidelitat (XTVL-2005), and has worked as a scriptwriter and editor for Boing Boing Buddha (BTV, 2001-2004). With Arturo Bastón, he directs HILOMENTAL (videological sessions). He is a founding member of the association Horitzó.tv and, with the group Neokinok.tv, created Tvlata (Educational project in experimental TV, 2007). He was co-director of Cabinet of Crisis, a TV show which will not be on TV (2001-2009), along with Bastón and Kikl Grau (original idea by Hispano / K. Grau).

From 1997 to 1999 he directed fifteen documentaries for Barcelona tv. He has taught history and image theory at Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava, as well as masters degree courses and workshops at several universities. He has written articles on the subject of image criticism for Mania, Archipiélago, Cultura / s (La Vanguardia) or El Estado Mental, among other publications. [felixph.blogspot.com]

Arturo Bastón
Born in Mexico D. F., where he studies photography, motion graphics, 3D animation and cinema. He started out in the audiovisual world in advertising with Mexican producers CineXacto and CineCreativo, collaborating in the art department in a number of feature films such as El Patrullero by Alex Cox or Beat by Gary Walcow. In 1995 he moved to Barcelona, where he met Carles Padrissa (founder of the Fura dels Baus) and Frank Aleu (Urano Films), with whom he worked on the creation of interactive video-models in the concept stages of La Fura dels Baus’ first operas. This collaboration led to a meeting with Manuel Huerga, and collaborations on his television project, the emerging BTV. There he works in graphics, in editing, and as a producer.

At the end of BTV’s golden period (with Huerga as director, 1997-2003), and after creating the Cabinet of Crisis: a TV show which will not be on TV with Kikol Grau, Félix Pérez-Hita and Andrés Hispano, which was awarded a special mention in the "Zemos98 Festival" and which won the "1r Festival animalario" (Seville, 2007), he began his activity as a free-lancer, working for production companies and/or public institutions. [arthurcane.blogspot.com.es]

PROGRAMME Festival Protesta 2018 [www.festivalprotesta.cat]

Frame from "La Jetée" 1962, by Chris Marker