Jornada Vic Espai Públic (Vic Public Space)
Friday, 13 November 2009

Directed by Ferran Blancafort  & Meritxell Inaraja

This project is part of the programme ARTWORK’09,  promoted by the Diputació de Barcelona. In accordance with the Order of the Catalan government Ordre TRE/337/2008, it has been funded by the programme Projectes Innovadors (Innovative Projects), and has been sponsored by the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya and co-financed by the European Social Fund. Action and intervention in public space and their practical goals are subjects of interest to youth associations . These subjects are also studied and analysed by today's contemporary arts and in which city councils, public agencies and institutions place most emphasis in various public spheres such as town-planning, aesthetics and in the social and cultural areas.

Considering these facts and subjects of interest, the programme has been devised to foster, through the work of several arts and architecture professionals, a platform for debate and the application of these disciplines to an urban reality.
The projects, which are sensitive to the issues of interest to the present-day arts, will provide an insight into two aspects: we will display several examples of interventions that affect material objects and the space of the biological body; but we will also display more symbolic interventions that may just be experiences without an apparent materialisation – although they are equally sensitive with regard to those free-flowing, ephemeral spaces, whose only traces are graphical references, usually available in the Net.

Forum programme
ACVic. Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

Friday, 13 November 2009

10.00 h

10.30 h
 Altres transcripcions per a espais i equipaments públics (“Other transcriptions for public spaces and venues”)
aSZ arquitectes, Antonio Sanmartín & Elena Cánovas

11.30 h - 12.00 h


12.00 h

Jordi Lafon

13.30 h 

Workshop introduction

14.00 h - 16.45 h 


17.00 h Intervencions i utilització de l’espai públic (“Interventions and use of the public space”)
Maider López

19.00 h
 Experiències (“Experiences”)
Juan Domingo Santos

Workshop programme

Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny
From 15.30 to 19.00 h

Friday, 20 November
Introduction and exhibition of the workshops
Presentation of the work carried out at plaça Gaudí, by the archeologist Joan Casas


Friday, 27 November
Presentation of the project Farinera Costa and the sorroundings of Vic’s local market, by the architect Jordi Garcés


Friday, 11 December


Friday, 18 December
Final exhibition of the outcome of the workshop.

The form of the exhibition and its location in the spaces that have been analised or in other town spots will be determined by the final results of the workshop projects.

Altres transcripcions per a espais i equipaments públics (“Other transcriptions for public spaces and venues”). aSZ arquitectes, Antonio Sanmartín & Elena Cánovas
If the past and the future of a space are two forms of its present, intervening in “empty” spaces can become another way to “un-occupy” them. Architecture aimed at “un-occupying” a public space that can host diversity and unexpected events can be found in the gap between the ideas that delimit that space and is the result of a sequence of transcriptions that have been adjusted in order to fit continuous surfaces. They are not a stage but an appropriate support that works in multiple scales.

This position is shown in the restoration projects of the citadel of Cascais, of Badalona’s central block or of the spaces that belong to the Escola de Conservació i Restauració de Béns Culturals d’Aragó “Capuchinas” (in the province of Huesca).

Criss-Crossing. Jordi Lafon
Criss-Crossing is a project whose reference is the tradition of walking as an aesthetic practice. The actions and consequences that arise from it are, on the one hand, observing our environment and reflecting on it, and, on the other hand, being able to gather graphical memories and share them in the form of pencil drawings. This universal system of representing reality is used as a means to bring together the experiences of different people who may be within artistic circles or may have nothing to do with the arts. The aim of this action is to share these experiences through a work in which one individual’s perception is compatible with another's. Walking along different itineraries becomes a sort of stage where all kinds of situations, either accidental or planned, converge. These situations bring about ideas and images – the residual elements of those experiences. Our drawings, which are images and thoughts, are the culmination of a process that began with a walk. Nikos Papasterigiades, a critic and a sociologist, defines  public space “not as a neutral platform where individuals perform their activities, but rather as an active force that transforms our actions and is transformed by them.”

Intervencions i utilització de l’espai públic (“Interventions and use of the public space”) Maider López
“Removing advertisements, 366 chairs on a square, traffic in the hills, a beach where all the towels are the same colour, a fountain of drinking water in a city with no drinking water, a football field with a lamppost set up in the penalty area and a bench in its centre, a room  full of pillars and a chance tour around the city”.

The lecture will consist of a look around Maider López’s work from the viewpoint of an onlooker, who will stop being an onlooker to become actively involved in the project. People generate the project, which is intended to highlight the power of the citizens’ initiative and the their ability to transform  public space and create a city by the way this space is used. People build the city.

Experiències (“Experiences”) Juan Domingo Santos
One of the most exciting activities I know is to provoke experiences  of the world by practical use or by simply living. Experiencing life in this way allows us to understand our environment through actions that lead us to the rediscovery of our daily life. The projects and experiences to be displayed are liberties taken in order to guarantee that things will have continuity; they are arguments to turn thoughts into material forms. They are not preconceived ideas, since they arise from experimentation in a wide range of fields in which individuals and their habitat are linked to the landscape, the material world and other aspects such as the history of the place and the people who live there.

Rather than in the outcome, I am interested in the processes of transformation of objects. Projects never arise out of a study: they are the result of actively searching and establishing connections. I like to go out and find things, because discoveries can eventually become the destiny of the projects. An old and disused sugar factory, a water mill beside a river given a new use, a park of eucalyptus  felled by the wind, or a magician’s experiences with a city, they are all key discoveries in the making of a project. In all these cases, the discoveries have triggered actions that connect different worlds, so far dissociated from architecture, and show the relation that may be established between them. In the projects we can find stolen objects, articles with no original value that have been moved to a new place and time and given a new use: an industrial tower occupied by an architects’ studio, a piece of wood once thrown away and now transformed into a scale model, or tree trunks  now re-used as a park’s pavement.

Aimed at:
Students and young professionals of arts, architecture and culture  interested in attitudes and interventions in urban space. The debate will centre around all ranges of intervention types, from the material  to the symbolic .

Forum | Forum + workshop Registrations are free. If you are interested in registering you must send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attatching a copy of your ID.

Ajuntament de Vic, 
ACVic. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, 
Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny i  Diputació de Barcelona

Con la colaboración de: H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies


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