On són les claus? (where are the keys?)

Wednesday 30 december 2009

Public presentation of Toni Casassas' art project ACVIC. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies a les 19.00 h

Documentary, followed by Maria Forga, journalism ethics professor at Universitat de Vic and Fundació Centre Mèdic Psicopedagògic d'Osona.

In June 2008 an experimental cinema workshop called La Nau, aimed at the users of the mental health centre Centre Mèdic Psicopedagògic d’Osona (CMPPO)(Psychopedagogic Medical Center of Osona), started in Vic.

The workshop was directed by Maria Forga -Script and Journalism Ethics professor at the University of Vic- and Antoni Casassas, artist; with the support of Sandra López and Ivette Griera -occupational therapists at the centre ; and Montse Bové -philologist and videoartist. Some students of Image and Communication at the Universitat de Vic gave on occasions practical support recording the day by day activities of the project.

The workshop lasted a year but, currently, continues thanks to a documentary, commissioned by the CMPPO, to be made with the participation of the workshop students.

The project obtained a 15.000€ grant from Fundació La Caixa as part of Cultural Activities of Social Impact funding in 2008; the Centre Seminari de Vic, supported the project by offering the use of a big workspace place in its facilities.

All the workshop was recorded and reports of each session were made to allow a follow up of its evolution. Some users did their own filming and the short film La Nau and different small format videos were made, which served as educational material for the workshop.

All this material is of such great human and artistic value that the decision was taken to transform it into an independent cinematographic work so it might be properly broadcast. The CMPPO as well as those who collaborated with it, gave their personal support so the project might go ahead, although more economic support and professional means will be necessary to make a final product with the required quality for wider broadcasting



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