Flux VideoCapsa. Collective Video-installation

ACVic works with Nits Digitals with the exhibition Flux VídeoCapsa, which is part of the ECTONITS, inside the parallels activities outside the cycle.

From 12th to 20th november 2011

Opening, Saturday 12th November 6:30 pm

Collective Video-installation introducing several video works and experimenting with alternative presentation formats. It is composed of works by Iñaki Álvarez, Jordi Casas, Toni Casassas, Jan Codina, Artur Tort, Lis Costa, Xavier Gavin, Josep M. Jordana, Jordi Teixidó and Ester Xargay.

The videos are located inside a small box, fixed in a stand. To see them, a viewer must open the box and put on a pair of headphones. Each video loop is shown on a small LCD screen on a horizontal plane. Taking the whole installation and the location of the viewer into account, each video lasts approximately five minutes, so that all ten works may be viewed in less than an hour.

Selected by Núria Antentas.

More information:
Nits Digitals [http://www.nitsdigitals.com] and Flux [http://www.fluxfestival.org]

This concept of video-installation, created by the festival Flux in Barcelona 2009, is presented on this occasion in Vic as the fruit of a collaboration between Nits Digitals, festival Flux and ACVIC. In this show five unedited works are presented alongside a selection of five works previously shown at the festival Flux.

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