Workshop Maps A tour around the historic centre of Vic

Members of the Centre Riudeperes, SANT TOMÀS, PARMO

Marta Broncano, Carmen Brito, Rafael Fernández, Arturo Valera, Jordi Codina,  Marc Guitart, Artur Soler, Dolors Soler, Trini Valverde,
David Soto, Montse Aumatell i José Ruíz

ATE: Lia Massuet and Marina Fantova
Volunteers: Imma Usero, Núria Viñolas i Maite Borralleras

An educational project, is an activity linked to the programme Interferències [IP] from ACVIC in association with the Centre Riudeperes

The maps and the photographs of the working process at Centre Riudeperes are on exhibition at ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

18th, 19th and 20th October 2011
On the first day, at the Centre Riudeperes, we introduced ourselves and the activity. The participants made their first contact with the map, discovering the streets on the route to be walked the next day. We showed how to use the cameras and we took some pictures to practice.
On the second day, the participants moved to ACVIC from which point we started the tour of the historic centre of Vic. Following the map, they
discovered  the seven locations where, taking turns, each participant took a photo of the group. On the third day, at  the Centre Riudeperes, we recalled the previous day's route, and we pasted a copy of the photos on each of the locations on the map.

*The Centre Riudeperes provides both a service and a residential establishment which forms  part of the Institut Català d'Assistència i
Serveis Socials (ICASS) from the Departament d'Acció Social i Ciutadania de la Generalitat de Catalunya, managed and administered by Associació
de Sant Tomàs - PARMO.

Centre Riudeperes operates  two services:  residential  and day care, both for people with mental handicaps requiring extensive support, and
for people who may present additional health and / or mental health problems.

A project by Toni Cirera with the collaboration of Maite Palomo.



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