connexion proces treball 02 brINTERGENERATIONAL CONVERSATIONS

Part of ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies ACVIC AMB LA SALUT project.

A project connecting ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, the IES La Plana, and the Residència El Nadal, from the Hospital de la Santa Creu Foundation.

CONNECTIONS explores, through contemporary art, a channel of communication between people from different generations; on the one hand, 3rd year ESO students from the IES La Plana, and, on the other, the elderly people who live in the El Nadal residence, in Vic.

The project develops the concept of communication as a critical reflection, and as a method of bringing people from these two different backgrounds into contact.

How might we get in touch with elderly people who live in residences, if we cannot visit them due to the current health measures?
What needs for communication and contact do they have? And how do young people consider this situation?
How do we communicate with each other? What influence might new technologies have upon this communication?
How do young people communicate? And how do the elderly communicate? What differences are there between postal correspondence, communication via video call or whatsapp conversation? What advantages do each of these have over the others? When might we prioritise a letter, when might we think first of making a video call, when might we wish to send a message by whatsapp, before considering the alternatives?

For the students at the IES La Plana, the project forms part of community service (APS), which they may choose voluntarily, devoting a total of 10 hours’ work outside school hours.

In this project, professional carers from the senior citizens’ residence will bring students from La Plana to El Nadal in order that they might get to know the reality of the residential space. The ACVIC educational team will lend support to students throughout the working process, which will take place at the art centre. But they, the students themselves, are the ones who will shape the project, deciding what content to develop, and what is the best way to make that contact.