Love exists in thousand ways


Toni Ferron organises a season on the theme of love. ACVic organises this presentation [filtering love through the perceptions of Félix Pérez-Hita (love in the digital age), Jorge Lara (audio performance), Kiko Amat (love and records, and records of love) and Adiccionesporquesí (prepositions and erotic stories.)


This activity is on 07/05/2011 from 17:00 pm.

It also includes a group exhibition, a performance, a concert at El Gravat, a film viewing at the Cineclub , performances at the Institut de Teatre and an afternoon of project presentations.


Fèlix Perez-Hita's presentation:


Jordi Lara's presentation:


Jordi Lara's presentation:


Kiko Amat's presentation:


Adicciones Porquesí's presentation:

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