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This website has been conceived as a flexible platform to which content geared towards teenagers will be uploaded.
Each week you will find new free-to-use participatory digital projects in each of the following sections.

From time to time, TEEN LAB will also offer workshops from artists, performers, DJs. Would you like to know more about these projects?

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The artist of the week
A comic book
A book
A short film
A video game
A musical project
Suggestions for projects from other art centres and museums

Artist of the Week

Diego Cusano

With his very close up photographs of objects, this artist edits and manipulates pictures to create almost object poems.

Cusano’s work might inspire us, during these days when we must spend more hours at home, to make our own artistic creations with objects from our surroundings.

video https://tiwel.es/quien-es-diego-cusano/

Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2aGZmObZSs&list=PLgzTkRl9ZvJN4yyQ84XG6sMcwZK6wmLjl&index=1

Insta: diego_cusano

A comic book

Art; Imaginary conversations with my mother
By Juanjo Sáez

Through conversations with his mother, most of them imaginary, Juanjo Sáez takes a tour of the history of contemporary art, looking back on the avant-garde and talking about Dalí, Duchamp, Warhol or Miró as if he were talking about the weather, or a well-known sports player, or Love Island contestant.

The book is available in ACVIC’s Minispace, but while the quarantine prevents visits, we would encourage you to take a look at Juanjo Sáez's profile:
Instagram: Juanjo_saez

arte juanjo


















A book

Today, more than one book, we offer you 3000!

An open source website with more than 3,000 art books!
You can download all the books in PDF format for free.

From cinema to prehistoric art, from the avantguard to performance art, from colour to artistic activism, from comics to feminisms.


A short film


The Gusman Brothers have used of these closed days at home to record and upload short films to their Instagram profile. They are fresh and fun shorts, with which they parody themselves.

A video game

We rarely talk about a video game as a work of art, although we know that it is an aesthetic and sensory experience that connects various artistic disciplines such as illustration, scenography, 3D design, and music, among others.
Gris is a video game which we must speak of as a work of art.

It must be paid for, but we recommend it for its fine aesthetic execution in linking together a narrative with good spatial design, architecture and a soundtrack. Conrad Rosset and his team combine background and form, to create a complete aesthetic and sensory experience.


gris videojoc









A musical project

Video clips:

It's a good time to lose yourself in the world of music videos. The video clip industry goes on and on without end, and behind each video clip there is a team of professionals from the audiovisual world, such as set designers, art directors, and photography, among many others besides. It is a world that allows experimentation, and which explores the limits of audiovisual artistic creation.

Here are a few examples, but we would encourage you to click from one to the other and find out which of them catch your eye the most. However, we would recommend analysing them from a critical perspective. What resources do they use? How do they achieve the results we see? How do they play with light, colour, and movement to enhance a certain sound and message?

You can start your journey with one of these:

OK Go – The One Moment

Calle 13 – Latinoamérica


Nyandú – El Club dels 27



Audiovisual archive on performing arts shows at the Institut del Teatre.

Projects from other art centres and museums

Objectes [des]confinats

The Centre d’Art de Mataró, the MAC, has invited artists and curators to send them a photograph or a drawing of an object that they have "liberated" these days. What about you? Has your relationship with the objects in your house changed?

Introducing the project, the MAC has this to say:

“Suddenly we found ourselves within four walls. Four walls, and many days and nights to be spent. Days when we set foot again and again in every corner of every room. We are at home in unusual places and at unusual times, and we observe how the light enters every hour. We slow down what we do, we take notice of how we do it. Let's tidy up. Let’s be distracted.»

mac desconfinats br


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