Workshop: Torolab - Raúl Cárdenas and Josep-Maria Martín

Cracks in times of adversity *
WOrkshop by Torolab - Raúl Cárdenas and Josep-Maria Martín QUAM 2010
(* By Fahdila Mammar, from her lecture at QUAM 2010 Between cracks. Open source citizenship and artistic practices. July 10th 2010)
ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies. From 12th to 16th July 2010. Vic, Barcelona

This workshop aims to create the conditions to begin a process of participative research , reflection and proposition starting from different concepts related to "human scale development": being, to have, to make, to be / subsistence,protection, affection, common sense, participation, leisure, creation, identity, freedom. These concepts proposed by the economist Manfred Max-Neef are an alternative to the traditional models applied. The workshop focuses on leisure, a subject often trivialised and little appraised but which represents a fundamental element in the holistic development of people and of their systemic context: spatial, temporal and collective.

With the collaboration of Miquel Bardagil, curator and art critic, Betlem Parés, manager of the Institut del Desenvolupament del Barri de l'Erm de Manlleu, Fabiola Mora i Noemí Alonso, from Pla de Barris de l'Ajuntament de Vic

Workshop participants: Ada Vilaró/Alba Maria Gómez/Carmela Fores/Cecilia Martin/Daniel Pérez/Diego Salazar/Elena Albesa/Elisenda Gabaldà/Erik Marc Trensig/Eva Cau/Eva Marichalar/Eva Muñoz/Florencia Aliberti/Gemma Barberà/Gloria Durán/Guilem Celada/Imma Camps/Irune Jiménez/Janney Altagracia/Jordi Lafon/Jordi Portet/Laura Marte MArtínez/Luis Alejandro Mora/Maria José Ribas/Marta Carrasco/Marta Llopart/Miquel Ollé/Miriam Baena/Montse Rierola/Nerea De Diego/Oriol Ocaña/Pablo Ángel Lugo/Pilar Sanmartin/Qin Wang/Raül Roncero/Sofia Mataix/Teresa Tipton/Toni Sangrà/Víctor Masferrer

Workshop objectives:

• To find an aesthetic placement through different proposals
•   To explore contemporary aesthetics
•    To develop new skills and personal style
•   To reflect on the contemporary world and its aesthetic translation.
•    To investigate the immediate context in an individual or collective way, from a multidisciplinary perspective.
•   To share and enrich the commons with information and acquired knowledge .
•    To create individual or group proposals in order to develop skills with a personal touch.
•   To present and share the projects resulting from the workshop among participants.
• To present publicly the projects resulting from the workshop.
• To realise a project, preferably collective in nature.
• To share experiences, methodologies, points of view with professionals from different fields.



•    Research and debate.
•    Creation of a cartography of possible new forms of development.
•    Development of ideas or concepts.
•    Fostering and creation of participative projects.




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