DERIVA MUSSOL. Work in process.
08.06.2012 - 22.09.2012

Helena Català Rodas, Blanca Garcias Castells, Guillem Vilamitjana Masramon, Ona Castellsagué Bonada, Georgina Martí Farell, Eva Marichalar Freixa, Jordi Lafon Guerrero, Anna Prat Fontseca, Mireia Planàs Serradell i Òscar Pujol Pladevall

A project of creation and research , focusing on deploying collective processes by establishing a relationship between the arts and public space. It interacts with space starting with observation to help promote various practices which originate in this line of investigation. The premises for putting together this project are considered from the
viewpoint of mutual support, with an educational,  horizontal relationship, promoting independence in learning through a process of support for the capabilities and activities of each participant. The main framework lies in the relationship and dialogue established between all project participants and Vic. Founded upon the tradition of  the night-time walk around the city and its surroundings, the project draws on this experience to produce a open public performance where participants may take part in the methodology employed in the research. Adapting to the idiosyncrasies of place, incorporating the expertise of its inhabitants, to express the potential of street arts to revitalise,
transform and represent a particular territory, are the objectives of this project.

Deriva Mussol, is part of the ACVic's Nursery projects in collaboration with the Aula de Teatre de la Universitat de Vic.
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