SPEAKERS' CORNER: la voz emancipada

imatge clotaFriday 16th April at 6 pm
With Ràdio Clota, curated by Oscar Holloway, with the complicity of Anna Dot
At the porch of Atlàntida Centre Arts Escèniques (Francesc Maria Masferrer, 4 Vic)

Activity linked by the project Quasi Veu

The voice, thought of as a vibration, as a thread of lived experiences, as a poetic instrument and at the same time as a digressive weapon, is a source of endless knowledge and as such, it should be regarded through a wide-angle lens. Inspired in the English Speakers' Corners – where anyone can become the orator – and weaving an encounter through a radio broadcast led by Espai Col·lectiu la Clota we plunge into a journey through deep vowels and consonants as spoken by a series of people who use their voice in many different ways.

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