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Presentation El Forn de la Calç, from the minery industry to the cultural industry. Activity within the framework of the 10th Annivesary of CACiS.

Thursday 20th December at 7 pm 
in ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

Presentation organitzed by Plataforma Assambleària d’Artistes de Catalunya with the collaboration of   H.Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies.

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This year El Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat (CACiS) El Forn de la Calç celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the art center: creation and sostenibility. Ten years ago, the old lime kiln of Calders town were transformed to a cultural space of residence, work and exhibition for art creators from all over the world.  

For more information of the project [http://www.elforndelacalc.cat]

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