Fes com si...( Pretend you're...)

Exhibition curated by Anna Palomo

FRom 17th April to 7th June2009

The exhibition Fes com si..., is linked to the day for ART I JOC (Art and play) organised by the department of Educació Infantil de la Facultat d'Educació de la Universitat de Vic and ACVIC. A group of artists reflect upon the role of play in artistic practice: play as content or as resource. Montserrat Cortadellas, Marta Gràcia, Mia Guiteras, Enric Pladevall, Montsita Rierola, Tere Recarens, Kenneth Russo and David Ymbernon use in their work concepts linked to subjects such as: pretending, universal need, the space of freedom, intellectual options, etc. through different artistic languages, traditional or linked to new technologies, since all of them serve to demonstrate the rules that govern the world and, also, creativity..

Educacional proposal ...Let's play at Fes com si... from 17 April to 7th June2009

Jornada Art i joc 8th May  2009 from 9am to 6pm  II Jornades d'Art i infància: Art i joc 2009.

Opening: FRiday 17th April at 8pm

Montserrat Cortadellas. Comport MKI

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