orquestra 2020 br
A collective creation experience set around a Happening

A creative experience by Rafa Castañer and David Faure

Saturday 16th May 2020
From 11am to 13pm

Everyone present at the activity will invent a Happening together. This is a collective creation experience in which, at the end of the session, we’ll conclude with an "artwork" somewhere between performance, music and drawing.
Come with all your senses wide open, and in a frame of mind to laugh your head off! We open the doors to all forms of movement, and all kinds of ways of thinking and expressing ourselves, bringing them altogether and celebrating them in community.


The activity will take place at ACVIC. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1. Vic)


€ 5 per person
€ 10 per family
Places may be booked until Thursday, May 14th, using the online form or by calling 93 885 37 04. Limited places.

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In this activity, we will seek to spark a performative action in line with the artistic practice of the Happening. We wish to celebrate the unity of the group and the connections between individuals, to encourage a variety of cross-disciplinary artistic tools and various ways of doing things in order to journey along the path. With the orchestra, we will attempt to achieve communion between everyone present, to stage an event in which anyone can find their place. We will encourage self-aware artistic demonstrations within the whole range of possibilities.

Absolutely everyone. Especially suitable for inter-generational groups, and children of mixed ages. Family audience, but also for young people and adults.


Rafa Castañer. Making and understanding things, using my hands. In all my work, narrative experimentation predominates: My work is always about this need of mine to tell stories through different voices, using various formats and media. In parallel with my career as a creator, I discovered that I was able to guide and to teach others to express themselves.

David Faure. Creative journeys as a necessary act, as a primary means of learning his way around everyday life. Trained as a musician. Influenced by folk and experimental music. He works in education, in spaces related to creativity. Special interest in projects aimed at children in the pre-school stage, with inter-generational groups, with an emphasis on inclusion. Transversal perspectives, and compass navigations across disciplines.

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