emili vilamala 1024Exhibition by Emili Vilamala and Roser Iborra

18.03 – 30.04.2022

Opening, Friday, March 18th at 19p.m. at ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)


Photo Emili Vilamala: The big cloud, March 6, 2020

Photographic Stories is a dialogue between an image and a text.
An image, created in a journalistic context, comes into the hands of a writer who, without having more information than the image itself, prepares a text. A text that highlights the poetics of the image.


We live on the ground, like ants. We are the distracted, as the poet says.
But there are people who look up and see wonders: the treetops, full of the chirping of birds; the bit of chill in a sharp blue sky, or the castles of the clouds, ephemeral and varied.
Like an ever-changing kaleidoscope, there are the wind-blown clouds that fill out with shades of red at dawn and dusk, or those whose rain-gravid bellies are ready to unravel. There are low, whitish skies that fill with snow...
And there are still the daytimes of a changing sky that constantly switches on and off between light and shade, that stains the mountains with unusual shadows.
There are clouds that seem like the explosion from an invisible volcano: as if they were born from a mountain, and spread out across the sleeping land.
There are people who spend their lives watching out for every unrepeatable moment, who know what to look for, and who generously share their vision with us.
Then we tilt up our heads a little, and open up the heart we have shackled with a thousand and one cares.
And we realise that we are nothing more and nothing less than a blade of grass, than a flower. Nothing more and nothing less than a cloud made of dormant water and star dust.

Roser Iborra


Emili Vilamala Benito (Sant Bartomeu del Grau, 1954). Self-taught photographer with various awards and recognitions such as the bronze medal at the International Biennial Europe 1983 or Artist Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique 1992. He has exhibited collections such as Les Costes Males, Roques i aigua o Fàbrica del Sucre en runes. He has published two books; 1982-2007, 25 anys de fotografia and Petit recorregut d'una garsa en un dia qualsevol. He has published photographs in National Geographic Latin America of the work El ojo del fotógrafo, in the 2021 calendar of the World Meteorological Organization and in Descobrir Catalunya, among others.

Roser Iborra Plans. She was born in Alpens. She has written short stories for Cavall Fort. She has published collections of short stories and adaptations of popular tales. She won the Rovira Redorta Prize for her poetic prose Flors. She was a shortlisted for the 2015 Miquel Arimany Poetry Prize with Cançons de bressol per a Centaures and has an unpublished work.

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