isa basset 1024Exhibition by Isa Basset
18.03 - 30.04.22

The exhibition opens on Friday, March 18th at 7 p.m.


Illustration: Isa Basset, La Rita i en Kubala, 2018

This is the story of an intense, strong, true friendship. It's the story of a writer and an artist who had very similar outlooks on life. Toni Coromina knew that Isa Basset would draw a picture on her texts when she still did not know that she was an illustrator. And he was excited about the challenge.

With the title, "Dear Isa, I haven't written the text yet, but it will be something like …" the writer announced to Basset that, once a month and without delay, she could start drawing. And so, almost by accident, the illustrations appeared uninterruptedly over the course of some thirty years in El 9 nou, El pardal moderat and El Ter magazine, and are the subject matter of this exhibition.

One of the most attractive points of the collection lies in the multiplicity of formats (small, medium, large, skewed, torn), media (different kinds of paper) and techniques (watercolor, charcoal, Chinese ink, fine tip, coloured pencils) with which the artist works, and which bring a very diverse perspective of the whole: it is a delicious chaos, her chaos. The resulting illustrations exude geniality, a sense of humour, disorder and sometimes joy, plenty of joy and authenticity, because their creator emanates these qualities.

The fact that the exhibition includes works from different eras also affords an opportunity to consider their evolution. Her beginnings were notable for their use of black and white, with which she experimented using very different techniques, and continued to grown as an illustrator. With her introduction of colour, many of the drawings transformed into a burst of unbridled joy, like the images that evoke Mexico in the story La Rita and Kubala, where she pays attention to every detail, playful, completely in tune with the text. Others illustrations, on the other hand, are the result of an impulse, without filters or revisions.

Toni Coromina left unfinished an interview with Isa Basset in which the artist said that she felt the same excitement as that first day when she took the plunge without a moment’s thought, knowing that if he proposed that she draw a picture, surely he must have had a point.

  This is the story of a friendship.


Similis simil gaudet

Mia Güell

Isa Basset Mallol (Viladrau, 1961). Ferran Sanz, her teacher and friend, taught her art, and to love art. Her first exhibition was at the entrance to the hotel her family owned when she was 10 years old ... and not much more since then. She illustrated a number of posters for local events – Els Pastorets, Mostra Gastronòmica, Carnestoltes, St. Jordi, Jornades de Psiquiatria, Jornades de Traducció I Interpretació, Festa Major, Mercat del Ram, among others, and illustrations for the children’s books -Amb ulls de gos, La gallina cluck cluck, La Rita i en Kubala, Bon dia nit. She works in her studio creating her colourful works, where she also teaches art classes for children. She also helps people linked to ADFO and Osonament in their creative process.

Member of the Cocococomic collective. She has coordinated the Parelles Artistiques project for sixteen years. She has collaborated with Toni Coromina since 1990, in the summer special of El 9 Nou and the magazine "el pardal moderat"; from 1996 to 2020 in the magazine "el Ter", in Manlleu, and the story "la Rita i en Kubala".

Inside photograph caption: Two illustrations from the book La Rita i en Kubala, written by Toni Coromina. Témenos Edicions, 2018

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