BR albert alemanyExhibition by Albert Alemany and Ramon Mas
25.11.2021 - 08.01.2022


Opening, Thursday, Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. at ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

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Photography: El mar, Albert Alemany, 2018


Photographic Stories is a dialogue between an image and a text. An image, created in a journalistic context, comes into the hands of a writer who, without having more information than the image itself, prepares a text. A text that highlights the poetics of the image.


Bicycles half buried in the sand. Towels stretched out in front. We had stowed the sleeping bags away, hurriedly folded, inside the backpacks, in which we had also shoved flashlights, T-shirts, and a pack of damp tobacco. Leftovers from a night of exploration in the open air. The curiosity that calls out to the flesh, satisfied for the first time under the stars. And yet I remember more vividly the morning light, the hurrying, the splashing, the shouts that accompany the leaps, and the drops of sweat that trickle down our backs as we climb the rocks. I relive it, and music that was not playing at the time comes to mind, a guitar sound that had not even been invented. It is the return of eternal summers, when you knew nothing of the walls that enclose the parentheses, and you had no idea that paradises do not exist, until they are lost.

Ramon Mas


Albert Alemany Esturi (Vic, 1980) pursued a course in audiovisual studies at ITES IMATGE I SO, and in General Photography at IDEP, specialising in photojournalism. He began working at “La Marxa” as a photojournalist, and later at TVO, El 9 Nou, 9TV and Nació Digital. He collaborates with, and publishes articles in, other media outlets such as El País, La Vanguardia, and in various publications from the Generalitat de Catalunya. In 2020 he photographed the pandemic, a work which was broadcast on the TV3 programme "Quan arribin els marcians". He is currently studying cinematography at ESCAC.

Ramon Mas (Sant Julià de Vilatorta, 1982) He has a degree in philosophy, and is the founder of the publishing house Males Herbes, dedicated to counterculture and the literature of the imagination. He has recently published the novels Afores (Edicions de 1984, 2017), Estigmes (Edicions de 1984, 2019) and L'endemà de la teràpia (Edicions de 1984, 2020), as well as the book of poetry Òsties (AdiA edicions, 2017).

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