fotos expo ae ficcio guillem montrodonVirtual exhibition based on projects carried out as part of of the ninth edition of Art and School.

35 educational centers / 35 projects / 3.226 students

1. Text of the exhibition
3. Participants thoughts and reflections 

4. Projects from participants 
5. What is Art and School?
6. Activities related to the exhibition

Due to movement restrictions arising as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we are mounting a project adapted to an unconventional exhibition space; in other words, to virtual space.

Participating schools have been working on the project since September 2019, and although some schools have been unable to complete their projects, or do not have the materials because they cannot access their premises, we have decided to raise awareness of, and to give recognition to the work done during so many months.

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Photography: No tot és el que sembla. Escola 
Guillem de Mont-rodon, Vic



We are all comfortably installed within REALITY. Everything fits within this world of ours. Formulas, rules, laws; these are all infallible, and the fact of their application indicates to us the limits of normality and correction. Doubt and critical thinking about everything we see, hear, touch and feel should not be encouraged. They would like us to believe that REALITY is TRUTH.

This reality is delimited by work and obligations. By objectivity and pragmatism. We cannot transgress the rules because we cannot destabilise the system. There is no room for imagination within this framework. Creativity cannot have rules, formulas or limits.

Within the framework of this correction, we demand “leisure time”, a stretch of time that we call our own (curious that we must demand something that is OURS) and in which, far from obligations, we immerse ourselves in what we really like, whether it is reading, running, singing or building a boat inside a bottle. It doesn’t matter what we do. Whatever it is, it is undeniable. This is what leisure time is all about. And that is what FICTION consists of.There is no doubt that ART, in all its expressions, is the most distinctive field of FICTION. So is the world of video games. But it is in ART that REALITY and FICTION move further away from their degree of mutual interdependence. We use FICTION to escape reality and we also use it to understand that same reality. Art, music, theatre, and so on, help us to sublimate our feelings, and also help us to understand the deeper meaning of things.REALITY and FICTION are two sides of the same coin. But two conflicting faces, because we need FICTION always to be revolutionary.The ART + SCHOOL project is an invitation to turn FICTION into REALITY.

Text by Toni Garcia



Working process in participating schools during the 2019-2020 school year.

Made from materials provided by teachers from participating schools.



A reflection from Cristina, a student of Institut Antoni Pous de Manlleu.

A reflection from Aina  and l'Helga, students of Col·legi La Salle.

Videos made during lockdown:

Guillem de Mont-rodon's 6th grade students have worked on the Art and School project during the lockdown.

Inspired by the SONS DOMÈSTICS audiovisual capsule by Marià Dinarès: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJkH1pAeuTg

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Escola Guillem de Mont-rodon, Vic
6è d'Educació Primària





This year, 35 educational centers are taking part in the AE09 edition, carrying out 35 different projects, with a total of 3.226 participating students.

C. El Roser - Sant Julià de Vilatorta | C. FEDACVIC – Vic | C. La Salle – Manlleu | C. Sagrat Cor de Jesús – Vic | C. Sant Miquel dels Sants – Vic | CEE Estel – Vic | CEE Dr. Ramon Suriñach – Ripoll | EBM La Pitota – Prats de Lluçanès | EBM Cavall Fort  Corró d’Avall | EMB Les Tres Bessones – Les Franqueses del Vallès | Esc. Andersen – Vic | Esc. Bellpuig – Sant Julià de Vilatorta | Esc. Dr. Joaquim Salarich – Vic | Esc. El Gurri – Taradell | Esc. el Vinyet – Solsona | Esc. Els Castanyers – Viladrau | Esc. Guillem de Mont-rodon – Vic | Esc. L’Agullola – Rupit | Esc. La Gleva – Les Masies de Voltregà | Esc. Miquel Martí i Pol – Lliçà d’Amunt | Esc. Rocaprevera – Torelló | Esc. Sentfores – La Guixa (Vic) | Esc. Tomàs Raguer – Ripoll | Esc. Vedruna Escorial – Vic | Esc. Vedruna-Tona | Escola d’Adults CFA Montseny – Vic | Ins. Antoni Pous – Manlleu | Ins. de Gurb | Ins. de Tona | Ins. Jaume Callís – Vic | Ins. La Plana - Vic | Ins. Les Margues – Calldetenes | Ins. Miquel Martí i Pol - Roda de Ter | Ins. Port d’Alcúdia  Alcúdia | Institut-Escola Barnola – Avinyó

All the projects www.artiescola.cat



ART and SCHOOL is a programme which started out in 2011, promoted by ACVIC. Centre d’Arts Contemporànies and the Centre de Recursos Pedagògics d’ Osona, in collaboration with the Escola d’Art de Vic, Escola d’Art de Torelló, H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies, Katacrack, Pakdart, Taller Isa Basset, Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya and a number of individual collaborators.

It aims to promote and highlight the importance of art in educational centers, and is developed in conjunction with those nursery, primary and secondary schools which join the scheme each year.

So far, nine editions of Art and School have been held. In each one, about thirty schools have taken part, mainly from the Osona, region but also from Bages, Moianès, Ripollès, Solsonès, Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental.

It is, therefore, an initiative which establishes a network of collaborations between various agents working in the fields of art and education.

ART and SCHOOL attempts to encourage collaborative processes, to learn about what is being done in schools in relation to the arts, to share approaches and methodologies among the schools involved, and to bring issues into schools which form part of contemporary cultural debates.

For the 2019-20 school year, the suggested topic for Art and School was Fiction.

This edition involved 35 educational centers, mostly from Osona but also from Bages, Ripollès, Solsonès, Vallès Oriental and Mallorca. 35 different projects have been realised, with a total of 3.226 participating students.

These groups are: 3 nursery schools, 11 pre-school education, 16 primary school, 18 secondary education and 2 special education (with several projects which connect students from various educational stages).


ACVIC. Centre d’Arts Contemporànies. Programme coordination and assessors: Carles Arumí, Bruna Dinarès, Ton Granero, Maite Palomo and Elisabet Wenceslao.
Centre de Recursos Pedagògics d’Osona. Programme coordination, they aren't asessors: Imma Verdaguer, David Segalés and Lluís Tomàs.
Escola d’Art de Vic. Marià Dinarès and Txelo Gutiérrez.
Escola d’Arts Plàstiques de Torelló. Alícia Casadesús.
H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies. Jordi Lafon, Juan Carlos Moreno and Quique Giménez.
Katakrak. Sandra Sardà.
PAKDART. Paquita Clot and Teresa Font.
Taller Isa Basset. Isa Basset.
UVIC-UCC - Facultat d’Educació, Departament de didàctica de les arts i les ciències. Assumpta Cirera-Tuti, Montsita Rierola, Laia Solé, Arnau Vernis and Clara Pascual.
Professionals a títol individual: Neus Larred, David Oliva and Sol Roca.

Since 2016, the programme has been replicated in Granollers, promoted by the Fundació AC and with the participation of schools throughout Vallès.

This year it has also been held in La Seu d’Urgell, promoted by the Ajuntament de la Seu d’Urgell (La Seu d’Urgell Town Council), with many participating schools and social organisations from around the area.



A four-day stay in natural surroundings for children from 8 to 12 years old
From 14th to 17th July 2020
The workshop’s theme will be related to FICTION
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Critical reflections on artistic pedagogy by some of the people who know and promote the Art and School programme, most of them as members of the advisory team.

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