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Documentation of the exhibition In the name of the mother, in the name of the earth

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Isabel Banal | Raquel Friera | Lucía Loren | Olga Olivera Tabeni | Irene Pérez | Carme Sanglas | Eulàlia Valldosera 
Curated by Assumpta Bassas Vila

Exhibition will be opened until the 25th July 2020

Assumpta Bassas, curator of the exhibition, 
will initiate a season of conversations with the different artists. In these brief interviews, they will discuss the artworks exhibited and theircareer paths as creators, as well assuch topics as their opinions on the current state of contemporary art.

Every Thursday we will post a new conversation on the ACVIC website and social networks.


The exhibition “In the name of the mother, in the name of the earth” invites visitors to enjoy the power of artistic practices to translate the wisdom of life experiences into symbolic creation. Seven works of art, in a wide variety of formats, which help us to orientate ourselves in these disorientating times, arising from the lessons learned by the artists in two highly specific spheres:

On the one hand, Isabel Banal, Lucía Loren, Carme Sanglas, Olga Olivera-Tabeni and Eulàlia Valldosera have used observation, contemplation and dialogue with nature, conceived as the master of an order of holistic relations and the nourisher of physical and spiritual knowledge, as the bases for their works. On the other hand, Raquel Friera and Irene Pérez draw from concrete experiences of motherhood, understood in their harsh, diverse and complex reality, without idealisation, but from the radical and clear certainty that "mothering" is not a set of tasks to be distributed, but rather, is a great opportunity to understand life, in all its grandeur and its paradoxes.

Although it is not the exclusive property of women, the wisdom of life experience has been protected, represented, lived, and transmitted by women in a variety of ways over the centuries. In this sense, the artworks make resonant the memories of women who have listened with respect and love, or who have spoken or written about their love and respect, for the mysteries of life which echo within themselves and in their own realms. These voices of the past and the present, unique but also related, create a mesh of creative thought and perspective that sustains us and which explains why, despite patriarchal-capitalist violence, we retain both our awareness of the common good, and the strength we need in order to celebrate the fact that we are here to take care of life, and to make art and policies which honour life.

These artistic practices exhibited work through inspiration, and create a culture of living experience that is personally and socially transformational if it can be recreated and reactivated in each physical being, and in every human relationship. 

ment, si es recreada i reactivada en cada cos i en cada relació humana.

Photography: Lucía Loren. Madre sal, 01, 2009



01_Interview with Lucía Loren


02_Interview with Isabel Banal

02_Interview with Isabel Banal


03_Interview with Irene Pérez


04_Interview with Eulàlia Valldosera


04_Interview with Eulàlia Valldosera


05_Interview with Carme Sanglas


06_Interview with Olga Olivera Tabeni


06_Interview with Olga Olivera Tabeni



07_Interview with Raquel Friera



Video of the exhibition's opening and the interview 


Video of TV3's interview to Assumpta Bassas






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