What if, instead of being citizens, we are nothing more than spectators?

foto postal toni ferron web14.09.2017 - 18.11.2017
Exhibition by Toni Ferron
in ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

Opening, Thursday 14th September at 7 pm

Photo: Fragment of the piece Eufemismes, 2017. Toni Ferron

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In an age marked by a determined socioeconomic crisis, and by a change in the overall paradigm of values, art is rediscovering a social witness which it seemed to have abandoned in pursuit of other objectives. Toni Ferron, an artist who has always worked upon reflections on the present situation, is no stranger to the general dynamic, and continues with his commitment to this interesting drift in the artistic world. The works which we present now are the result of the habitual friction with the communications media which scrutinise with a biased eye, which maintains as much distance between the eye of the entomologist as that of the flâneur, becoming a knowledgeable observer of the surroundings. In a year full of personal events, he has decided to turn the surfaces of his paintings into a compendium of pages from a particular dietary guide.

The essence of art often becomes the result of digging down into life's essence, and so a dietary guide, annotated with more or less precision, allows us to approach the present day, and also memory. Seeing, reflecting, interpreting, confronting the slippery forms of banality in the same way as the subtle lists of Perec, the ambitious prose of De Lillo, the ingenious, extravagant concepts of David Foster Wallace, or the unexpressed indignation which most people feel in the face of the colourful post-truth performance of prominent politicians and arrogant financiers; all of these bring Toni Ferron to turn reflections and personal preoocupations into artworks conceived out of the very guts of mundane existence and popular culture. Ferron spends a fair amount of time bringing to the fore a vast breadth of thematic interests which invite us to join together the accurately chosen dots which, on this occasion, form an unsettling picture, leading us to interpolate: What if, instead of being citizens, we are nothing more than spectators?

Text by Ana Palomo

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