Joan Vinyoli, del blau de la paraula (from the blue of the word)

expo sarrate acvic 04Exhibition bry Jordi Sarrate
10.10.2014 – 31.10.2014

Opening, Friday October 10 at 19:30

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Does the word have colour? Does poetry have colours?
When Feliu Formosa, in 1978, presented Trakl to the Catalan audience he wrote that blue was the colour which dominates his poems (although it means guilt, evil or misfortune). Jordi Sarrate takes Formosa's gesture and takes Vinyoli at his word, the word of "Blue Song" ("This inside the blue of the word / blue to blue, blue to still more blue") and reads the poems from this colour, from this perspective.

We speak of "reading" and not of "interpreting" or illustrating. Reading as an act of co-creation, of ending the poem; an event which is finally resolved here in imagery.

Because "From the blue of the word" comprises works executed through a process of creation which is, in essence, the process of reading, a parallel work to the poet's, a work of the mind and the gaze.
Sarrate knows the work and the person of Joan Vinyoli very well indeed, having made contributions with him as an artist, playwright and editor. In the reading of Vinyolian texts, all doors to perception and dialogue with the work and the person open up; dialogue in action. The doors to perception are flung open, because the eyes of the Sarrate-reader, guided by the image, open out the horizons of reading towards a broader and deeper vision, from all the perspectives which the poem has to offer us.

The doors to dialogue are flung open, because his work forms a relationship between the text and everything pertinent to the Sarrate-persona. The work is, in fact, a dialogue between the poems and his reading of them.

Reading is entering the text and its world, letting yourself be led by its current, attempting to understand it, scrutinising it, asking it, asking through it​​. Reading the text is also escaping it, inventing stories with it, from it. And it is finding relationships with a self, with memory, iwith that which thinks, with that which sees, with images, sounds, sensations. And it is also creating (recreating with the text) these feelings, these images, this memory. And yet it is all that which can be done starting from and through a text.

So reading Vinyoli is what Jordi Sarrate has done, with pencil, ink, colours, objects, papers, with himself, with his memory, with everything in his being and which  also reaches out; reading Vinyoli with blue, with the blue inside the word, and with all the personal content which there is in every reading, to ultimately, "cut a slice of life."

If the poet goes from life to the word in order to achieve more life, the painter goes from the word to the image, through himself, also to achieve this "higher life."

Text by Víctor Sunyol

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