Presentation of the project Morir de frío

Morir de Frío. Presentation of a project in the blog format. www.morirdefrio.com

Morir de frío represents the authors' wish to promote reflection upon art, in all its contexts, by means of a blog. The blog, through a series
of essays, discusses various aspects of art,  philosophy and films; making comments on exhibitions, chronicling various events, analysing
films, making interviews and discovering emerging artists.




The project was publicly presented in May at the COSMO gallery in Barcelona, accompanied by Lluís Nacenta.  Now the artists come to Vic to
explain their motivation in writing this blog, and to invite us to rethink art criticism together, or at least, to rethink the act of writing about art today.

Morir de frío a project by Edgar Díaz (Barcelona 1991), Anna Dot (Vic 1991), Palma Lombardo (Osca 1991), Blai Marginedas (Vic 1990), Raquel Vila (Vic 1990) and Alba Vilamala (Vic 1991).

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