Wednesday 26th October, 9th, 16th and 30th November and 14th December 2011

Sessions will be held at 20.30 am at the bar El Gravat (Sant Miquel, 19 Vic)

Café Central-Bar El Gravat-ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

Since the first season of Pas a dos in 1998, these public and open discussions with writers have offered a view of a very wide range of literary creation. This year, 2011, we have widened the spectrum to include creation in various disciplines.

Each creator will converse with a speaker knowledgeable in their work, in a dialogue which will focus on the mechanisms of creation and work currently being carried out.

Design, music, sculpture, literature and translation will be the disciplines under discussion. Different languages to gain different perspective on creation and creators, their processes and their work in an open conversation in a relaxed and very welcoming environment.


Wednesday 26th October
Martin Guixé (ex-designer) with Toni Ferron and Marcel·lí Gutièrrez (artists, designers and members of Visual Brothers)

Wednesday November 9th
Xavier Maristany (musician) with Ramon Ferrer (musician and musicologist)

Wednesday November 16th
Víctor Sunyol (writer) with Jordi Marrugat (literary critic)

Wednesday November 30th
Josep Ricart Rial (sculptor) with Anna Palomo (art critic, professor at UVic)

Wednesday December 14
Anna Casassas (translator) with Antoni Clapés (poet, critic, editor and translator)

Martin Guixé long ago defined himself as "ex-designer." Since the now legendary food-designs, combining design and cuisine, he has broadened the concept and practice of design and its applications. His work has two sides, one being his activity related to the business of production for leading companies around the world, and the other more personal side, which puts creativity at the service of pure creation, closer to art. He has exhibited, among other places, at the MOMA, Centre Georges Pompidou, and the National Art Centre Tokyo. [http://www.guixe.com]

Xavier Maristany
is a musician and composer. He has written music for dance, theatre, television, film soundtracks, exhibitions and shows. He is co-founder of the Orquestra del Caos, the group Koniec, and founder of BandaÈria. In recent years, his work is guided by a concern for space and the moment in which sound becomes music, and to break the limitations that custom and tradition continue to impose upon music. [http://www.xaviermaristany.com] [http://www.nativa.cat/2008/01/entrevista-xavier-maristany]

Josep Ricart Rial
has always worked with drawing, painting and sculpture as different expressions of one language, and of the same restlessness which has been driving him between a whirlwind of experimentation and neverending research, and the serenity derived from reflection, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the knowledge gleaned from various arts and expressions of culture. Professor at the Escola d’Art de Vic , his teaching has extended to many generations of artists. In 2009, six spaces in Vic welcomed the exhibition Llibre de la memòria, an "open anthology " of his work. [http://www.acvic.org/images/video/josep_ricart]

Víctor Sunyol
writes from a poetics beyond language as a correlation or representation and searching for a chance to "say," embodied in various textual strategies which, throughout his works, form an essay on provisional, discontinuous and ramified poetics . In recent years, his poetry has been formulated with the phrase "I want to be languageless." Collaborates frequently with musicians and visual artists writing original texts or with his work. [http://www.victorsunyol.net]

Anna Casassas, although she graduated in law, has devoted her professional life to literary translation from French to Italian and Catalan. Thanks to her, we discovered, read and enjoyed Erri de Luca, Claudio Magris, Andrea Camilleri, Goliarda Sapienza, Roberto Calasso, Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, Assia Djebar, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Irene Némirovsky, Daniel Pennac, Marguerite Duras... The high quality of her work has been rewarded with the Premi Mots Passants from UAB and the Vidal Alcover from the Ajuntament de Tarragona. [http://www.visat.cat-espai-traductors/cat/traductor/254/anna-casassas.html]