AMAG! The architecture magazine for children

amag06AMAG! Presentation and work session with Jorge Raedo
10.01.2013 at 6pm
ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànias
C/ Sant Francesc, 1 of Vic

AMAG! is the architecture magazine for children.
AMAG! is for children from 5-10 years.
AMAG! is a toy to be cut up, broken, destroyed.
AMAG! is construction material, a toy, and a tool for investigation.
AMAG! is an Open Educational Resource (OER) for schools everywhere.
AMAG! is configured for A4 articles which can be downloaded and printed. http://a-magazine.org Children can learn about architecture by playing with the pages of the magazine.

AMAG! began in January 2012 as a monthly periodical, in which an article would be published every month. At the end of the year all the articles together make up a complete magazine..The articles where created either by specialists in education and architecture for children and teenagers. or by professionals in the field of teaching arts to children.

Para 2013 los artículos de AMAG! serán creados por instituciones como Islington Museum (London), Museo Oteiza (Navarra), ACVic (Cataluña), ProxectoTerra (Galicia), Museo de Arquitectura de Suecia (Estocolmo), Museo del Diseño de Finlandia (Helsinki), Centro Canadiense de arquitectura (Montreal), DAC (Copenague), Arco en Rêve (Bourdeux), MAXXI (Roma), Museo degli Innocenti (Firenze), Museo de Arquitectura Leopodo Rother (Bogotá), Lastu (Lapinlahti), Big Kids Magazine (Melbourne) , Spazio Magazine (Milano), Watermeloncat (Haarlem), JAS (Berlin, Hamburgo), Creaviva_Centre Paul Klee (Bern), OTIS Universty (LA)

Collaborators in distribuition among schools: ProxectoTerra (Galicia), Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza (Navarra), Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother (Bogotá), LAAFI (Malí), ACVIC (Vic), Museo degli Innocenti, (Firenze), Alvar Aalto Museum (Jyväskylä), Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal), Arkitekturmuseet  (Stockholm).

AMAG! is an initiative of Rakennetaan kaupunki! (Finland) and Maushaus (Euskadi).
Directed by Jorge Raedo, edited by Maushaus, supported by ProxectoTerra (Galicia).


Articles and authors published in 2012
JANUARY: “Roots”___Maushaus (San Sebastian, Spain), architects, art and architecture educators for children and creators of “Maushaus.”
FEBRUARY: “City”___Eeva Astala (Helsinki, Finland), artist, art and architecture educator.
MARCH: “Leaves”___Alexander Reichstein (Helsinki, Finland) artist, specializing in museum for families.
APRIL: “Human being”___Jaana Räsänen (Helsinki, Finland), architect, teacher of architecture for children and adults.
MAY: “Faces”___Juan Alonso, Susana Aparicio (Harlem, Netherlands), architects, toys of the twentieth century.
JUNE: “Once upon a time”___Alicia Guerrero, Fredy Massad (Vilafranca del Penedes, Catalonia, Spain), architect, art and architecture critics.
JULY: “Talking architecture”___Iván Torres (Helsinki, Finland), filmmaker.
AUGUST: “Invisible cities”___Bet Cantallops (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), architect, participant in the educational project “What is Architecture?”
SEPTEMBER: “Shoot the ball!”___Jorge Raedó (Helsinki, Finland), What is A? Arts education for children and youth.
OCTOBER: “The making up stories machine”___Rocio Peña, Mario Sangalli (San Sebastian, Spain) architects and teacher at the University of Architecture in the Basque Country.
NOVEMBER: “Paper Architects”___Teresa Montserrat (Berlin, Germany), Interior Design and Exhibition Spaces Design.
DECEMBER___Maria Nordin (Helsinki, Finland) architect, founder of the project on arts education “Rakennetaan kaupunki”.


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