Citizenship and open source art practices in public realm
QUAM 2010

Cracking the System. Citizenship and open source art practices arise from the crossing point between two perspectives which are not always connected: artistic practices and social-cultural practices.


The artistic practicesthat indicatesomepossible wayspropositional,viewsituationsfromlatenttoprovide solutions,promotestrategiesapplicable guidelinesthat cantake shapeinthecultural or social policies.Thecultural practices aretoencourageimaginative situationsto increaseintercultural relationsandcommunication betweendifferent forms of citizenshipfound inpublic spaces.


Index of the publication

Introduction - page 5
Artistic practices, intermediate zone and social utility / Ramon Parramon - page 6
Publics and post-publics: the production of the social / Simon Sheikh - page 12
Attempting horizontality / Rachel Anderson - page 18
Josep-Maria Martín. Made in Chile / Miquel Bardagil - page 26
Balls, fences, locals & visitors / Laia Solé - page 30
If I could speak again: re-imagining my presentation at QUAM / Nicolás Dumit Estévez - page 34
Community and diversity / Fadhila Mammar - page 40
Alternative mobility: caravans and three-wheeler / Pilar Bonet - page 44
The mediabiography as transformation of everyday narrative / Virginia Villaplana - page 50
Homeland / Torolab - Raúl Cárdenas - page 54
Communities in conflict / Democracia - page 60
Open source architectures / David Juárez Latimer-Knowless Straddle3 - page 64

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