foto sergi camara BRExhibition by Sergi Cámara and Jaume Coll Mariné
01.10 – 13.11.2021

Friday 1st October at ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

[view program]

Photography by Sergi Cámara. Playa de Skala sikameneas, Lesbos Grecia. Noviembre 2015. Serie Familias completas e incompletas.

[poème de guerre]

                                                 [someone speaks:]

[first came the day when we were alive,
then came the day when we were dead;

and what a day when death belonged to everyone,
what a day when the world was all water

and we fell silent;

we said it’s death by water,
but it was only death;

we've seen life, we've eaten well — but not enough.
we have seen death — but not enough;

and between bombardment and bombardment
we fell silent,

and what a well-made silence;

shut up: that’s absurd, mother of god,
that’s absurd; please shut up.]

                                                 [Sentfores, 04.09.2021]

Jaume Coll Mariné


Sergi Cámara (Vic, 1970). He is an independent photojournalist who has focused his work on emigrations from Africa to Europe. He has documented the arrivals in Yemen of dinghies from Somalia, and the routes taken by migrant peoples through the Sahara Desert. For ten years, he documented human rights violations at the Melilla border fence in Morocco, and followed the refugees’ route across Europe. He is one of those who believes that good boots are worth more in this job than a good camera.

Jaume Coll Mariné (Muntanyola, 1989). He has written the poetry books Quanta aigua clara als ulls de la veïna (with publishing house Edicions de 1984, 2014) and Un arbre molt alt (with Edicions 62, 2018, winner of the Ausiàs March prize for poetry in Gandia, and the Josep Maria Llompart prize - Cavall Verd from AELC). He is a member of the editorial board of the poetry magazine Reducciones, is the editor of La Lectora, and is the bassist and double bassist for the pop-rock group Obeses.


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