01.06.2012 Txell Sust a la Jazz Cava 2 BRExhibition by Sagi Serra and Biel Barnils
17.06.2021 – 24.07.2021

Opening of the exhibition,
Thursday 17th June at 19 h
at ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

All the microphones in the country are wiretapped. Every utterance is overheard by the Censorship and Order Service (Servei de Censura i Ordre). Nothing may be said that is not analysed on the basis of the dominant moral order. Artists, mouthpieces, journalists, charlatans, presenters, gadflies, metaphysicians, pundits and motormouths are fed through the editing machine of what right-thinking society considers appropriate. The use of the megaphone is indispensable for escaping censorship, freedom’s lifeboat, the only gap through which to exchange opinions that break with monopolistic thought.

This revolution began at the very moment when a woman rose spontaneously from the crowd and delivered anti-clerical, anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist slogans. They spread like wildfire. It was like an oil slick that crosses borders, breaking moulds, tearing down walls and generating new mind maps.

There remain many totems yet to be blown away, and the publication of this photograph, and the accompanying text, could result in the closure of this cultural facility, and the imprisonment (or exile) of the authors.

Biel Barnils
Word activist

Sagi Serra i Folgarolas (Vic, 1960). He took photography courses at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) between 1986  and 1987. In 1987 he began work at the biweekly El 9 Nou, the newspaper where he has pursued his professional career to the present day.

Biel Barnils Carrera (Barcelona, 1976). Word activist. He has studied humanities, audiovisual production, cultural management and sculptural arts, but his interest has always revolved around the spoken or written word. He has been presenting books and reciting poetry for many years. He has contributed in a variety of media, and is the author of "L’Orgia verbal. Converses amb Màrius Serra" (Edicions DAU, 2010), “Caminades foixianes: 3 dietaris de viatge carregats d’LSD” with illustrations by Olga Capdevila (Adicciones porquesí, 2019), the collection of poems “Capcorestómac” (Témenos Edicions, 2019) and the literary blog "Tinta xinesa" [http://tintaxinesa.blogspot.com].

Photography: Sagi Serra. Txell Sust singing at Jazz Cava. 1st June 2012




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