From the yellow

des del groc 06 br01.09.2018 – 16.09.2018
Exhibition by Marià Dinarès

Saturday 1st September at 7 pm 
in ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

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It is obvious that colours carry a heavy freight of meanings and symbolism, but they also appeal to emotions and sensations, and to memories, above all when they are saturated in symbolic connotations, and the communicative direction is clearer. When they are comprised of different shades, when they contain greys, mixtures, connections and interactions among them; that is when they test emotions and feelings.

The language of colour forms part of systems of communication and meaning which have become established, or which have become subjected to variance, over time. And so, sometimes they become a seduction, or a rejection. And it is clear that colour may be understood as a weapon, as it has been many times; colours have been codified in many languages and signals, such as in flags, which, used in defences and attacks, have aroused vindication and provocation, but which have also offered camouflage and rescue. Animals react differently to certain colours, and so do we. Colour as information may be used as a signal, whether for enticement, or to warn of danger or attack. But colour never works in isolation. It always interacts with the surroundings. One colour ends where another begins, and no matter whether we may wish to cover or hide it, the contrast between them will only emphasise each colour even more.

Photography reference:

From the Yellow
Chinese Ink, oil, enamel and acrylic on canvas and polystyrene
9 pieces of 60 x 117 x 10 cms each

Marià Dinarès. 
A visual artist who has combined his artistic practice and his teaching career, especially at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny of Vic, in the promotion and management of contemporary art. His work is based upon painting, or more accurately, upon specific aspects of painting, upon colour and space. He has also made forays into stage design, and into the fields of sound art and performance art. He has displayed his works in a number of exhibitions, and has participated in various artistic events at home and abroad.


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