presentació manso brDOKUART
Presentation by Núria Manso

Wednesday, 22nd May, at 7.30 pm
en ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

With the participation of Miquel Bardagil, Anton Granero and Jordi Lafon

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Dokuart is a research project to devise a new synchretic language. Beginning in 2000, a socialising narration was created for a research into the socio-cultural fabric, and the people who did not play a leading role – cultural agents from the eighties, the nineties, the noughties – who were filmed using a conversational interview format, generating more than 300 personal conversations on the subject of art.

Essentially interactive, Dokuart investigates new narrative formats, generative languages, a mixture of hybridism, construction/deconstruction in order to generate a new relational discourse of mechanical self-publishing using a mixing program. In this way, the spectator may choose, from among thirty or so independent videos, those conversation which they wish to mix, so as to obtain a round table conversation: Prototype at tv-web 1.1 (internet-intranet).

DoKuart is a documentary woven in real time with atemporal narrative content, and it is a work of the illustration of thought.

Production: Núria Manso
Photography: Impossible words in 37 voices. Catalogue edited in 2018.

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