The encounter

Presentation by Jordi Lafon

16.04.2015 at 7 pm
ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

As part of the exhibition Mechanisms of collective creation in ACVic, The Encounter proposes to introduce case studies of artistic projects based upon participation and co-operation, investigating different methodologies and degrees of involvement and collective work.

Jordi Lafon is a visual artist. His works establish a relationship between objects, people and the environment to create a narrative of matter, space and time inscribed upon a landscape considered as a stage for relationships of affection and conflict, poetry and politics. His projects often advance participation and co-operation as means of exchange and shared learning and experiences, such as: walking as an aesthetic practice, drawing, photography and writing projects such as: Els bastons d’Andrés, Relleus, Caminar amb el pare, Marges i Fronteres, Deriva Mussol, Goula. Fes-­‐te el lleó, Encontre, Com una cadira and Criss-­Crossing.

Photography: Pop up by Anna Defez in the project ENCONTRE ENCOUNTER by Jordi Lafon