Map-Making for the magazine Amag!


ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies
has prepared the article-project of May for the magazine Amag! under the title of Map-Making Project. The article is called Map-Making, a proposal for an experience of learning about and representing the surroundings where we live, by means of research, creating a walkabout, taking pictures and organising the visual information as a map.

The aim is, by means of collaborative work, to rediscover the surrounding environment, and to find a different way to walk around it, to understand it, and to analyse the place where we live. The article proposes an alternative perspective on our surroundings, to learn about and to question the city which we are building, representing things which interest us and imagining how the city might be in the future. The activity may be adapted to group needs, and can be more or less complex, depending on participants' interests and age groups. The project blends audiovisual training and the world of cartography, learning about our surroundings while enhancing relationships among participants.

MAP-MAKING PROJECT forms an intersection between education and contemporary art, providing environments for experimentation and understanding the practice of art as a practice which may affect, interact with and transform educational and social spaces. It brings contemporary art to the classroom, using art transversely, photography, drawing and painting, as tools of expression. Participants will learn how to understand the immediate environment in the two-dimensional plan of a map, how to recognize the position of the individual within space, and how to handle a photo -camera.


Structure of the activity

1. To consider, as a group, a topic related to the place where we live.
2.  To do research on the environment and the chosen theme (collecting in one place things we already know, asking family, friends, relatives, etc., looking at websites, books, images, etc.)
3. To use a map in order to plan a definite journey, or to sketch out an improvised walkabout.
4. To take pictures on the way, related to the space and the chosen topic.
5. To construct a large map on which to collect the pictures, generating various thematic layers, according to the working groups.
6. To analyse what we have constructed. and to discuss the future.

Amag! started in January 2012 as a monthly publication, with one article every month which, at the end of the year, comprises the whole magazine. The items are created by specialists in architectural education for children and young people, or professionals in childhood arts learning.

In 2013 AMAG! Articles will be created by organisations and institutions such as :   Islington Museum (London), Museo Oteiza (Navarra), ACVic (Catalunya), ProxectoTerra (Galicia), Museo d´Arquitectura de Suècia (Estocolm), Museo del Disseny de Finlàndia (Helsinki), Centre Canadenc d'Arquitectura (Montreal), DAC (Copenague), Arc en Rêve (Bourdeux), MAXXI (Roma), Museo degli Innocenti (Firenze), Museo d'Arquitectura Leopodo Rother(Bogotà), Lastu (Lapinlahti), Big Kids Magazine (Melbourne), Spazio Magazine(Milano), Watermeloncat (Haarlem), JAS (Berlin, Hamburg), Creaviva_Centre Paul Klee(Bern), OTIS Universty (LA) Per la difusió d´Amag! en col·legis hi col·laboren: ProxectoTerra (Galicia), Fundació Museu Jorge Oteiza (Navarra), Museu d'Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother (Bogotà), LAAFI (Mali), ACVIC (Vic), Museu degli Innocenti, (Firenze), Alvar Aalto Museum (Jyväskylä), Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal), Arkitekturmuseet(Estocolm).

Amag! is an initiative of Rakennetaan kaupunki!  (Finlàndia) and  Maushaus  (Euskadi). Jorge Raedó is the director, with Maushaus as editors. ProxectoTerra  (Galicia) lends support.

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