bernat cedoExhibition by Bernat Cedó and Gerard Cisneros

22.06 – 30.07.2022

Opening, Wednesday 22st June 7pm ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)


Photo: Early morning is an animal sanctuary, Bernat Cedó. 2022

Photographic Stories is a dialogue between an image and a text. An image, created in a journalistic context, is delivered into the hands of a writer who, with no more information than is presented in the image itself, prepares a text that highlights the poetics of the image.

Words and broody hens

"I hear them clucking that -- "

- "They eat the children / that we haven't had, / that we offer them / basically lost./ He’ll find an excuse / to make broth, / if all goes well / and we live long enough."

"And what should I tell them? That they are not even there, that they do not have to suffer for their oval children? That we live in a state of permanent ekphrasis? They don't know that they are only there to be spoken about, and I look at them and I see myself from the outside, and I see the picture outside the fissure, and I see the words traced around the edge, and in the end, it’s all just there for your sake, you, the one reading this before you’ll say, ‘oh, yes, very nice, shall we move on?’.

«Girls, there are two reasons why you don't understand me; one is that you are a hen, and the second, and most decisive, is that this is a photograph, and the fact that you are talking like that is impossible. It's been how long now, six or seven seconds? I could think about living on a farm, looking after animals, watching them one evening. But I can't, because I don't have time to think about it, because I live out of time: I'm one with the hens, and the only time I have is the time that you, the reader, or you, the spectator, give me, when you comment on the colours. I am all twilight, animal and stone. You, reader, are time. I am only a moment of your voice.»

- «But it's getting dark, / we're different./we want corn / and not eloquent / sermons. If to be / is a pure spell / perhaps you should/ move on. 

Gerard Cisneros

Gerard Cisneros Cecchini (Manresa, 1989). He has published the books of poems D’epitalami, res (Meteora, 2017) and Agre (El Gall, 2022). He is a teacher at the Massana School, and edits the literary criticism magazine a La Lectora.

Bernat Cedó (Taradell, 1999). A professional photographer, he collaborates with El 9 Nou, and has received numerous awards such as the Terra Gollut Film Festival for “Cuidar per sobre de curar», and the Miravisions fotoperiodisme award for "A porta tancada", among others.

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